MG Welding

Submerged Arc - FOR HIRE

Submerged Arc Power Sources, Heads and Control Boxes for Column and Booms or tractor units avaiable for hire. Equipment from all major manufacturers are provided including Lincoln, ESAB, Miller and Air Liquide.

Submerged Arc Welding Tractor Hire

A variety of manufacturers products can be specified complete with Lincoln LT7 or ESAB A6 Submerged Arc Tractors and DC600 or DC1000 power sources. Please contact the office with your requirements. All other types of welding equipment hire available.


Submerged Arc Power Source Hire

Lincoln, ESAB, Miller and Air Liquide Submerged Arc power sources available to hire from 600 amps upwards. Also available are energy efficient inverter type submerged arc power sources. Please contact us with your requirements.


Submerged Arc / Column & Boom Combinations

Column and Booms complete with submerged arc power sources and heads are available to hire from stock in all sizes from 2 x 2 column and booms up to 6 x 6. Power source size vary from 600amps to 1500amps. 

Example picture shows our 2 x 2 machine with an integrated power source platform that allows the power source and column and boom to be moved as a complete unit. Please contact us for more  details.


New Sub-arc tractor

Submerged arc welding tractor available for buy or hire. Can be specified with DC600,1000 or 1300 amp power sources.