MG Welding

Automatic Girth Welding Machines


Specifications: Adjustable tubular frame for plates 6ft to 10ft tall.(1.8m-3.05m) Min.12ft (3.6m) to an Unlimited tank diameter range Travel speeds 4-105 IPM (.10-2.67 m/min) Speed, direction and rapid travel select controls Average welding speed is approximately 30 IPM (.762 m/min) with a deposition rate of 11# per hour. AGW-LW Dimensions and Weight: 124in(315cm) long x 82in(208cm) wide x 50in(127cm) tall 1,000 lbs.(375kg) SERVICE SKID-52in(132cm) Long x 69in(175cm) wide x 52in(132cm) high 2740 lbs.(1242kg)