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MG Welding Plant can supply new welding positioners in a variety of sizes from a small bench mounted unit up to 30 Ton Capacity. Welding Positioners allow components to be welded in an optimal position improving weld appearence and integrity. Many are available from stock and can be viewed at our UK premesis. We also stock pipe welding chucks.

New Sideros Hydraulic Positioners

The New Sideros Rotolift is a tri axial welding positioner that will revolutionise the way welds are fabricated throughout the manufacturing sector.

The Rotolift allows not only the rotation and tilt of the weldment but also allows the work piece to be elevated up to 2 metres, eliminating the need for additional lifting equipment whilst offering the operator complete control of the weld process. 

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View the complete SIDEROS range here:


10Kgs Bench Positioner

10 Kgs Bench Mounted Positioner.

Variable speed rotation 2 - 16 rpm.

180mm Table Diameter . Complete with 65mm Capacity chuck.

Supplied with Footswitch. 

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30Kgs Bench Positioner

30 Kgs Bench Mounted Positioner with Tilt and Variable Speed Rotation.

Supplied with Footswitch Control and quick  release 200mm chuck 

310 mm Table Diameter 

Rotation speed 1 - 15 rpm 


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50Kgs Bench Positioner

50 Kgs Bench Mounted Positioner. Tilt function and Variable Rotation Speed. 

Supplied with Footswitch Control and quick release 200mm Chuck 

310mm Table diameter

Rotation Speed 1 - 15 rpm 

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300Kgs Bench Positioner

300 Kgs Positioner

Tilt function and Variable Speed Control. 500 mm table diameter and 90° Tilt Angle

Supplied with Footswitch Control 


pdf_icon_sml.pngDownload Specification Sheet

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