MG Welding

Recent high prices seen at auctions for used equipment now makes it even more important to get a quote for new before buying. 

We have observed the bidding on a few recent online auctions and have been shocked at the prices been paid for used positioning equipment. This may be down to a perceived view that this equipment is becoming scarce. Thankfully this is not the case. We have more stock than ever and have more arriving.

The finance deals that we can arrange make it easy to buy new equipment over a given period of time and it also means that you are getting a return on your investment straight away, so pleasae contact us for more details.

If you do insist on buying used, we stock a range of equipment to satisfy your needs along with ex demo and nearly new equipment. 

If you don't think buying is a viable option you can also contact us about short or long term rental deals.

In summary before comitting to paying high price at auction for equipment that is 30 years old at best, check with us first to see what you could be paying for something new or nearly new with a 12 month warranty.