MG Welding

MG Welding takes delivery of the new Sideros RL4500 Hydraulic Positioner. Unfortunately it didn't stay long as the customer was keen to get his hands on his new toy! 

The Tri Axis Hydraulic welding Positioner arrived in our depot early this week and before it was snapped up, we managed to take a couple of photos and a video. (which I've attached below for you!)

The ROTOLIFT is ideal for all manipulating exercises across a broad range of industries.

Weld positions can be pre- programmed, allowing the operator to set the positioner at the push of a button, saving both production time and costs.

Various model configurations are available with standard capacity ranging up to 13 tonne. Larger capacity models are supplied on request and built to your individual specifications. The 3 Axis construction of the ROTOLIFT offers greater versatility over the standard 2 axis design used in the majority of existing positioners.